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Drudge - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

What was supposed to be a romantic night in for a young couple, quickly turns into a terrifying encounter with Drudge... A new face of horror is born.

The Last Halloween - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

Four trick-or-treaters venture into the cold, dark October night in search of tasty snacks... but is that really all they seek? When opening your door to a stranger becomes an act of supreme courage, we could all be fast approaching... The Last Halloween.

[youtube id="qoCBpk4Fjyo"]

Curio - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

Amy, Jordan, Kristal and Matthew have no idea what they will find when they go to check out the house Amy inherited from her recently deceased Aunt. After a long drive out from the city they arrive in the dark of night at a large old mansion, only to be greeted by the old and strange grounds keeper,…

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Locust - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

Gabe has the house to himself for the night and decides to prepare a romantic dinner for him and his girlfriend. During a break from cooking, Gabe steps outside to smoke a cigarette where he encounters a mysterious and silent stranger. After a second, more unnerving encounter with the stranger, Gabe…

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Dirty Sanchez - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

A young loving couple decides to have a nice romantic weekend ,but the local crazy gardener SANCHEZ has bloody plans for these love birds.

Incorporeal - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

An overzealous movie director and his unappreciative leading actress go on a location scouting mission. What they find will change their lives forever.

Fan Favorite Film "Dark Realm" Returns For Special Screening at CHFF 2014 Along With Special Guest Ron Fitzgerald!

Dark Realm



Dark Realm is the story of a Master Illusionist inspired by the Occult who may actually be in league with evil forces to assure his success. It may also bring destruction for him, and everyone else in his…

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