Chicago Horror Film Festival

2013! Our Ten Year Anniversary!


2013... That means the Chicago Horror Film Festival will have done another milestone this year. Last year was the 13th Chicago Horror Film Festival. This year marks the 10 year anniversary! Wow! Ten years of bringing terror and fright to the theater aisles of Chicago!

When CHFF first started at the 3 Penny Cinema, we had the festival twice a year. The theater loved us and you, the fans, loved us. However, two festivals a year became too much and we scaled back to being an annual event.

So this is the big 10...

So just maybe we should do a few special things this year? I know our festival director, Mr. Willy Adkins has a few things up his sleeves, but maybe we can still do more.

Right now, I want you to think of our 10 year history and remember your favorite short and your favorite feature length films. There are a lot of them. Remember your favorite moments, films, anything about the festival that you loved, and submit them to me. Email us at We want know what were some of your best times, what was some of the best films we showed! We want to know .., and maybe we can put together something special.

If you are a filmmaker who has had your film shown, how about shooting a brief video to share how it felt to have your film show and what you thought of the festival?

Lets make this year the biggest CHFF we have ever done!

Thank you,
CHFF crew

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