Chicago Horror Film Festival

Award Winning Actor North Roberts Selected As 2014 CHFF Official Host!

Having walked the boards since childhood, actor laureate and author North Roberts moved from the stage to the screen in 2005’s La Migra: Murder on the Border.  North is no stranger to the genres of mystery and horror, having featured in films such as Bled White, Love, Death & Blueberry Pancakes, Plastic, Day 1, Merchandise, and Mictlantecuhtli.

“Horror and mystery have always fascinated me,” North tells us here at Breaking Fate. “Poe, Doyle, Wells, Burroughs, Lovecraft, Howard and Gaiman are amongst my favorite authors. In fact, while many of my classmates were reading about Dick and Jane, the first novel I read cover to cover was HG Wells’ The Invisible Man. To be certain, there were concepts that went WAY over my five-year-old head. Nevertheless that book still holds a prized place on my bookshelf at home. It’s fun to be bad, and the darker themes of horror stories give us the playground in which we can explore our dark side without doing harm to others.”

Fans of North Roberts (“Northlings” as he playfully calls them) can look forward to his performances as Mike Flannery in John Wesley Norton’s Drifted, Doctor André Milner in On Second Thought, Bill Ford in 4Lizard’s Fangs vs Spurs, Claudio in Breaking Fate's Sister of the Wolf and as Professor Jack Owens in the Lovecraft-inspired web series The Miskatonic Files.



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