Chicago Horror Film Festival

2017 Festival Dates

SEPTEMBER 22-24 2017

Curio - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

August 17, 2014

Amy, Jordan, Kristal and Matthew have no idea what they will find when they go to check out the house Amy inherited from her recently deceased Aunt. After a long drive out from the city they arrive in the dark of night at a large old mansion, only to be greeted by the old and strange grounds keeper, Leonard. After letting them into the house Leonard mysteriously disappears and they are left to explore the house by themselves. Everything seems find until Jordan finds an old news paper article about the former owners of the house and a beautiful gold necklace on the kitchen counter. As the necklace gets passed between each of the friends we get glimpses into the past of when the necklace arrived at the house and the girl who received it from her parents on their return from Egypt. A girl, who just needed some friends to stay and play with her. And with parents who were absent from her life, she'd do whatever she could to get what she needed.

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Friday $20
Saturday $20
Sunday $20
2 Day $30
Weekend: $45


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