Chicago Horror Film Festival

Dr. Liebenstein - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

It was 15 years ago that an unthinkable tragedy struck Dave Liebenstein. He has been haunted with this secret and only knows one way to deal with it. As the years have passed, Liebenstein has successfully become a doctor and lives in a mansion that he inherited. While happiness should come with success, the doctor finds himself spending his evenings hunting down the evil that has continued to torture him. When two Chicago couples mistakenly summon a menacing vampire, Liebenstein is faced with one of the worst evils from his past.

One evening, a young couple in love, named Michelle and Ron, decide to spend a romantic evening away from the city and visit a secluded location in a forest. Little do they know that they have become the prey of malicious vampires who have been watching them. Another young couple, Renee and Greg, have seemed to have lost the spark of romance in their lives. They continue to work together filming a late-night cable tv show featuring horror movies. Very soon, their horror movies will become terribly real as they are also being stalked by vampires. Only Dr. Liebenstein truly understands what exactly is happening and will need to forget his past tragedy to save others from death and destruction.

[youtube id="-lGVPrB2Ewo"]

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