Chicago Horror Film Festival

2017 Festival Dates

SEPTEMBER 22-24 2017

EDWARD LEE'S THE BIGHEAD - 2013 CHFF Official Selection!


Charity is returning to Luntville to see her Aunt for the first time in years and along for the ride is Jerrica, a newspaper reporter (and sex addict) looking for time away much more than a story. Reuniting at her Aunt’s Inn they meet Father Tom who is in Luntville to re-open the Abbey, closed for almost three decades now. 

The creature known to some as The BIGHEAD travels through the forest, brutally killing all in his path. He has one thing on his mind and that is to reach the Abbey.

Two moonshiners, Dicky and “Balls”, pick up a local prostitute for some sadistic fun. Balls decides the “work” makes him thirsty and they head towards the only bar in Luntville.

The girls decide to visit the local bar and hear the tale of The Bighead from the bartender. Charity dismisses the story as just a myth, but Jerrica is intrigued and thinks it could make a great story. Later, Tom arrives to join the ladies for a drink. The group’s peaceful evening is disrupted by the arrival of Balls and Dicky. The evil duo begins to cause trouble, before being shockingly rebuffed by Tom. The trio has no idea that they have made enemies of two of the more psychotic members of Luntville. 

Little do any of them know that The Bighead is coming to Luntville and their lives will never be the same.

Edward Lee's The Bighead: TRAILER from Michael Ling on Vimeo.

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