Chicago Horror Film Festival


IMG_0667Hailey SuitsĀ to be a guest and panelist at the 2015 Chicago Horror Film Festival.

Hailey Suits is an indie author and illustrator from San Diego, CA. She now resides in Indiana and is the author behind the Hailey Balam series.

For her art she has gradually evolved from an entirely traditional artist into a digital painter and illustrator. She specializes in using Manga Studio 5 and also enjoy incorporating her work in illustrator and after effects projects.

She enjoys bringing life to stories with vivid details. Through her art and her writing, she brings worlds to life. She is a gifted writer who creates her own cover artwork for her own novels.

The Hailey Balam series follows her, a mixed-breed Tsialo with unknown power who finally decided to settle down in her birth region for the first time in centuries. She didn't expect things to go smoothly, but had no idea how much it would turn her life upside down. Humans haven't been know to be so welcoming to her kind in the past...

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