Chicago Horror Film Festival

Jason Davis At The 2011 Chicago Horror Film Festival!

Jason R. Davis is the founder of the Chicago Horror Film Festival and the Indy Horror Film Festival. He has an education in film studies and screenwriting. However, before he went into film, he had another love that had driven him. Writing. Reading. The Art of Fiction.

He has spent much of his life both reading and writing. As a child in middle school, he would often wake up in the early morning hours before school and start pounding away stories. He would use his father’s alarm clock that he could hear in their bedroom and know that it was his time. His first typewriter was a Christmas present that year, and he would clatter away.

All through middle and then high school he continued to write. When it was time to go to college, he even thought that he would just go on and continue his education in the English arts. However, instead of continuing with just writing, he had a moment of inspiration and decided to follow another passion. He went to Columbia College where he could study filmmaking and writing.

In 2003 he founded the Chicago Horror Film Festival. With very few outlets that supported the horror genre at the time, it gave him a venue to not only show his own films, but for other great horror films from around the world. In 2005, the festival grew to a point where he created its sister festival, the Indy Horror Film Festival.

Now, with a strong knowledge in horror, and what makes a terror filled story, he has transitioned himself from festival director and filmmaker to fiction writer. He is currently on break from both festivals to pursue his writing. “Inside the Mirrors” was released December of 2009 as is available for order wherever books are sold.

Word on the street is that Jason might just lead a pack of zombies to the festival... Beware!!!

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