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test5Jason R. Davis to be a guest and panelist at the 2015 Chicago Horror Film Festival.

Jason R. Davis has been a writer, director, festival organizer and overall creative mad man.  He is the author behind the Alletto series of books and the zombie apocalypse series, “Invisible Spiders.” He also manages Festivals of Frights and is a host on the Breaking Fate radio network.

His career started before finishing college when in 2003 he founded the Chicago Horror Film Festival.  With very few outlets that supported the horror genre at the time, it gave him a venue to not only show his own films, but for other great horror films from around the world.  In 2005, the festival grew to a point where he created its sister festival, the Indy Horror Film Festival.

He has worked on various films projects, most notably the film, “El Perido” that while being very beloved by the cast and crew, the film just could never find a way to being finished. Always plagued with various delays, until in 2008, Davis decided to walk away from the project after spending five years of its development.

In 2009, he wrote and finished his first novel, “Inside the Mirrors,” which is the first book with his main character Rob Alletto. Alletto then returns for Davis’ first book in the zombie apocalypse series, “Invisible Spiders.”

In 2010 he stepped back from organizing all film festivals, and decided to focus on his writing career and his family.

2014 was all that it took for him to need to be back working on an event. He took over the reigns of the dying film festival, “The Living Dead Film Festival” and rebranded it in an attempt to have it rise out of its own grave. He has also started other festivals, all becoming a part of the Festivals of Fright series in the midwest. He continues to work on his writing, and spend his free time working on podcasts to help and promote other independent artists, filmmakers, and writers.

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