Chicago Horror Film Festival


Arkham SanitariumJulian Grant to be a panelist at the 2015 Chicago Horror Film Festival.

Here is what filmmaker Juilan Grant has to say about himself...

"Born in London, England, I was an early cinema fan with "King Kong" and American comics being instrumental in my passion for telling stories with pictures.  Emigrating to Canada in the 1970's I worked diligently as a skateboard enthusiast, fantasy novel devotee (discovering Tolkein, Howard and the art work of Frazetta) and began creating worlds of pictures and stories.  I graduated from York University in 1985 with a BFA in FIlm Production and immediately began working in 'Hollywood North'.  Through the late 80's and early 90's I dedicated myself to independent production, learning the ropes of distribution (with both New World and Disney as employers!) and made my first feature film, "Bust A Move" before I was 30!  This was the picture that started it all as I was introduced to Lionsgate and began making kickboxing and erotic thrillers for them.  HBO came calling and I moved every further up the production ladder creating three World Premiere cinema showcases for them and was able to begin the Millenium as the Producer/ Director of the acclaimed mini-series, "Robocop: Prime Directives.

As reality television and production shortfalls continued in Canada, I turned to producing US Cable-driven feature films and beginning my academic career. Successful tenures at The Canadian Film Center, Sheridan College and a host of other educational facilities allowed me to transition to the USA and join the full-time faculty at Columbia College Chicago. I am now a tenured professor within the Cinema Art + Science department.

Today, I am an active working artist and professional educator passing on my 'no-holds-barred' production philosophies and continuing to live the dream.  I make cinema for myself now and am an evangelist for DIY and self-distribution in this new digital age.

You will find me passionate, articulate and committed to the cause of creating stories with pictures and developing talents worldwide.

You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Julian Grant"

We look forward to having him as a part of the discussion.  Make sure to watch his amazing horror contribution, "Arkham Sanitarium" on Sunday at 6:15 p.m.

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