Chicago Horror Film Festival

Ken Carrano at CHFF Art of Horror 2011!

Ken Carrano was born in Chicago in 1977.  He started drawing at a very young age and would frequent the galleries of Chicago as a child. His interest in art in terms of personal style, mediums and subject matter was pushed in many different directions throughout his teens and twenties which led to his current artistic addictions.

In Ken’s personal work he draws definite influence from the likes of horror culture, religious iconography, architecture and circus sideshows as well as many artists whos work he sincerely appreciates.

Ken’s work has been featured in publications such as Tattoo Flash, Under Cover, Kikked, Visual Overture and he has been part of various gallery shows throughout the United States.

As Ken continue to grow as an artist he finds himself focused on executing work with stronger elements of personal experience and emotion.”
Please view Ken Carrano’s website at and join his mailing list to stay informed on future art events and new work releases.

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