Chicago Horror Film Festival


The Chicago Horror Film Festival is excited to announce and welcome Michael Flores as our 2017 Festival Host!

Michael Flores, comedy guru Del Close and SuperVixen Pam Boom Boom Smith, if that is really her name, decided they wanted a new kind of fandom that included women and partied in the top nightclubs of the day. From The Limelight to Chicago's Metro and every bar in between The Chicago Psychotronic Film Society was the first to make fandom hip. From all over the world Dario Argento, Bill Murray, Jamie Gertz,  Penn and Teller, Herschell Gordon Lewis, John Cleese, Russ Meyer and many more came to Chicago to host parties the film society gave. This was when celebrities avoided conventions like the plague.

Boom Boom set up the Women's Auxilliary which showed films that degraded and humiliated men and women flooded the shows. The society newsletter IT'S ONLY A MOVIE was bootlegged all over the West Coast and was required reading for studio execs. Alan Moore was interviewed by the zine before any American publication had done so. You can now find THE CHICAGO PSYCHOTRONIC FILM SOCIETY on Facebook and here over the next three days as Michael Flores is the host of our festival. He has produced, directed and written 19 plays which have featured Mark Mothersbaugh from DEVO and Skunk Baxter from THE DOOBIE BROTHERS and STEELY DAN doing music, had Teller of Penn and Teller in his cast, Coralina Tassoni from Dario Argento movies, Vogue cover girl models and people you wouldn't expect in low budget theatre! He is currently in pre-production for THE WEDDING OF IRENE ADLER AND SHERLOCK HOLMES. 

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