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Natalie Jean Announced As Official Host of The 2013 Chicago Horror Film Festival!

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The leading actress of the two upcoming Adam Ahlbrandt indie shockers, Cross Bearer and The Cemetery, has taken the hosting position for the 2013 Chicago Horror Film Festival, in September. This year marks the ten-year anniversary of the fest (though in its 14th season due it doubling up in several past years) and is held in the historic Portage Theater (4050 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 60641), a spirited, bustling venue that supports local, indie, and ‘genre’ films throughout the year. Willy Adkins, the newest frontman of the team who assembles CHFF each year, became familiar with Jean when she and director Adam Ahlbrandt were present at the Portage at the previous CHFF, where Cross Bearer screened as an official selection. This event was an early landmark on Jean’s tour map, who has been making the rounds with convention and festival circuit for the last seven months promoting both features, which have received a tremendously humbling amount of support from the horror community, she states. As the movies have gained momentum she, along with Ahlbrandt and SPFX head Doug Sakmann, (who also co-produced these films and many other projects together) are rapidly becoming known for their outlandish personas and childlike energy as they enthusiastically engage in promotional forums of all sorts on the horror, exploitation, and grindhouse underground curcuit. Natalie, who is also a professional dancer and produces live projects as well as film, likes to include performances in with their appearances so she may have some treats lined up for the patrons in September.

About Jean..
Before Natalie was making films she worked primarily as a runway & print model and dancer. These pursuits led to work as an actor, and with her dance and theater production background she found her way into stunt work and eventually producing and directing. In this vein she came on to Cross Bearer (2012) and The Cemetery (2013) as the principal actress. She had a previous professional background with Ahlbrandt and Sakmann and eventually went on to co-produce both features with the two. Beyond acting Natalie remains active on camera and stage as a union stunt person, and a ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and breakdancer. She also is a performance artist with training in gymnastics, contortionism, and circus arts. Natalie’s upcoming work includes her as the lead actress on the film ‘Punk Rock Holocaust 3′ (a horror movie set on the Vans Warped Tour) and a new music short film in which she is the lead and associate producer, Red Dye #9 (for the band Blood Rhythm) currently screening at select film festivals. Additionally she was on the stunt team for Men In Black 3, Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan and his upcoming film Noah, and stunt coordinator for the short film Through The Glass, directed by Jason Wasley (cast member of the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures). You can see her right now as Miss August in the Creep Records 2013 Calendar and various magazine editorial spreads throughout the year. You can also catch her periodically guest-hosting on Sirius Faction’s RadioBAM.
Currently, Natalie is in the process of premiering 'Sleaze Palace', which is a multi-media, vaudeville-esque entertainment, production, and touring company, which she has been developing for several years. She is preparing to premiere a one-act dance production entitled Rapture (created and produced by Jean), which is a malevolent and sexually-charged character story telling of the apocalypse.

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You can find links to all of her projects, stills, and clips at her website


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