Chicago Horror Film Festival

OUR LADY OF LOURDES - 2013 CHFF Official Selection!

our lady

Bernard, an old drunk, intervenes when a young girl, Lourdes, is hassled by a lecherous detective. They spark up a rapport, and in gratitude Lourdes offers to buy him a hot meal. As the two unlikely friends get to know each other, Bernard explains the sad, sordid circumstances that have led him to a life on the street. It becomes increasingly clear that the deeply religious Bernard is a sick man. Now in the final days of his bout with alcoholism, Bernard's guilt and remorse have manifested into hallucinatory visions of hellish dark specters. His only comfort seems to be his dog, Misha, that has recently gone missing. When Lourdes learns that Bernard saved the brave dog from a horrific fate, she pledges to help him find it. Her kindness gets her more than she bargained for when Bernard is struck down by a seizure and stays with him as he teeters between, what Bernard sees as, heaven and hell. Moved by the experience, she continues to search for the dog through the night, with frightening consequences.

Our Lady of Lourdes | Trailer from Peter Szewczyk on Vimeo.

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