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Ron Fitzgerald’s "Dark Realm" To World Premier At CHFF 2013 Along With Gothic Illusion Show!!

Dark Realm



Dark Realm is the story of a Master Illusionist inspired by the Occult who may actually be in league with evil forces to assure his success. It may also bring destruction for him, and everyone else in his macabre show.

Dark Realm is not docudrama, not just performance video, but something never before seen - Dark Realm is a feature length film unlike anything else, based on international Master Gothic Illusionist Ron Fitzgerald’s show, "Fitzgerald's Realm of Magic", it features his dark, edgy supernatural inspired illusions combined with a Horror film narrative! It's a one of a kind thrill ride that's a combination of Fitzgerald's Gothic Illusion performances and a Supernatural Horror/Thriller film!

For over twenty five years Fitzgerald has performed from Hong Kong to Hollywood, as well as Lollapalooza. Ron is the current host of the long-running Chicago Alternative Burlesque sensations, “Festival of Flesh”. After Fitzgerald completed, “The Thirsting”, “Afraid of Sunrise”, “The Item” , "Magus"and “Dracula's Orgy of the Dammed” it was on on Lechago’s, “Blood Gnome” an unholy duo of drama was formed when he met Dark Realm's co-writer and director, Vincent Bilancio, star of John Lechago’s “Blood Gnome”, "Bio Slime" and Jeff Leroy's "The Screaming", and veteran horror film personality, With over twenty guest appearances and key roles in major Horror and Sci-Fi classics, including Rodger Corman’s “Sorority House Massacre”. Bilancio is also co creator of the cult classic “Werewolf in a Women's Prison”!

And now, on Dark Realm Fitzgerald & Bilancio’s combined creative bloodletting begins! Ron Fitzgerald will be performing his illusions exactly as he does in his live, Horror, performance art and illusion shows - with absolutely no camera tricks employed – as Fitzgerald the Illusionist competes with the a gruesome and frightening Personification of Evil that has morphed itself into an Earthly form for a fight to the death for innocent Souls and much blood!

Poe’s Raven shrilled, “Nevermore!” – but the wide-eyed fear and debauchery, mingling with the blood of this Master illusionist's cast, who were unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the right time. while everyone is left wondering if this is the work of truly evil forces. Dark Realm will have you screaming…."Give Me More"!

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