Chicago Horror Film Festival

The Jason Davis Zombie Walk / CHFF Zombie Day!!

Jason Davis (Horror Author / CHFF Founder / Festivals of Fright) Presents

Saturday September 24th At The Chicago Horror Film Festival!!!

The 2011 CHFF Zombie Walk:

What_They_Say_453_webStart the festival day off early, ZOMBIE STYLE!  Meet up at the Southwest corner of Portage Park at 11am in your best zombie make up!  We will have some fx people on hand to help with final touches (tips for FX make up are appreciated if a pro-artist is helping you with personal materials)!!!  Then once everyone is ready, at noon time the zombie begin a walk down the mean streets of Chicago!  The walk ends at the Portage Theater, where all zombies are offered $5 off admission (just promise you won't eat our box office person's brain)!   Word on the street is that some fresh brains might be at the portage for a mass feeding! ;)  (Hosted / Sponsored by Jason Davis & 4 Finger Effects!)

Zombie Belly Dancers:

Once young women with their lives ahead of them (or so they thought), women with fresh faces, rosy cheeks, a spring in their step and blessed with the beauty of youth and hope, the members of Prairie Smoke have, through a tragic and melancholy course of events, been transformed. Into what, who can really say as creatures such as the likes of these have rarely been seen before. Cloaked in the pallor of death and staring with lifeless eyes, they emerge from their tombs to perform their own strange and ghoulish danse macabre.  One can only hope to leave their encounter with these fiends unscathed, the same as once they were.  Be warned, however, that few who have ever felt their presence, who have witnessed their dance, who have seen their icy fingers reach out to them and felt their own heart skip a beat in response, have remained unchanged.

Don't miss this to die for performance ("to die for" at 3:15pm sponsored by The Prairie Smoke Belly Dancers!

The 2011 CHFF Best Zombie Costume Contest:

Once you have made your way to the festival from your bloody Zombie Walk, STAY IN COSTUME!   Enjoy the day as a Zombie, and it might pay off later!!!  At 5:15pm crawl on stage for the 2011 CHFF Zombie Costume Contest!!  We will get you on stage to show everyone what time and effort you put into your brain thirsting costume!  Fun prizes and give aways for the winners!!

This contest is hosted by Bev Meza & Windy West (Hosts of The 2011 Music of Horror Parties)!!!

Judged & Sponsored by: Mitchell Wells (, "Mr. Willy" Adkins (Spook Show Entertainment) & Jason Davis (Horror Author & Founder of CHFF)!



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