Chicago Horror Film Festival

Truth or Dare - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

A group of 6 college kids (Jennifer, Michelle, Ray, John, Tony, and Courtney) are tasked with producing a video of any sort for their college marketing class. The video with the highest number of views will get the highest grade in class. They make a truth or dare video under their group name, “The Truth or Daredevils” that goes viral and catapults them to overnight internet stardom.

The group amass a large following and get a lot of media attention from their controversial video. While guests on a popular talk show, they find themselves confronted by their #1 fan named Derik B. Smith. After demanding to be a member of their group, he is thrown out of the talk show after trying to get on the stage.

The Truth or Daredevils begin filming their latest video at John’s house. Everything is running smoothly until the unstable fan from earlier shows up and forces the group of friends to play his version of truth or dare. Shocking truths are revealed and the dares become deadly.

[youtube id="u8J7qVONFmE"]

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