Chicago Horror Film Festival


Red Roof Inn
1212 W Lincoln Hwy
Dekalb, IL 60115

2018 Festival Dates

SEPTEMBER 28-30 2018



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Inspired by true events, BELOW ZERO is the story of 'Jack the Hack', a once successful screenwriter who now faces writer's block. Desperate to meet a career-saving deadline and escape the distractions of his troubled life, Jack arranges to be locked inside a meat cooler, with only vegetarian meals …

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Ed and Susan might seem to be a normal, suburban American couple, but they've got a horrifying secret: They create and sell snuff films in their inescapable deathtrap of a home. When Ed decides to create the world's first 'triple feature' - three victims, all killed in one night - the cameras hidde…

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From the Booth Brothers, creators of CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE and SPOOKED as seen on Sci Fi Channel. Matthew McGrory (Devil's Rejects and Big Fish) stars in his last terrifying film performance as a hillbilly giant. Along with the local preacher, together they exorcise their ritual of dark cleansing b…

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DOCTOR SPINE is a Comic Book-Styled Horror/ Comedy hybrid film. Sometimes the past is best left forgotten. Meet Doctor Spine, a meek chiropractor with a very dark past that comes back to haunt him! Watch as a life spent helping other spirals downward into a miasma of madness! Experience the horror,…

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The 2012 Chicago Music of Horror Festival!

The 2012 Chicago Music of Horror Festival!

The Official After Hours Party Of The Chicago Horror Film Festival!

Tickets For This After Hours Event Available At The Door Each Night!


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Kris Desautels Announced As 2012 CHFF Host!

Kris Desautels (American Actor), as seen in the award winning film "Afraid of Sunrise" and the newly premier "Dr. Spine" has been selected as the official host of the 2012 Chicago Horror Film Festival!  The film "Dr. Spine" featuring Kris as "Bruno" (The guy who will do anything) is an official sel…

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SSE Moving All Film Festivals To Chicago by 2013

Spook Show Entertainment Inc. announced today that they will be moving all of their film festival events to the Portage Theater (home to SSE's Chicago Horror Film Festival event for more then half a decade) by the end of 2013.  This transition begins with The 2012 Indy Horror Film Festival being m…

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2011 CHFF Award Winners!

The Jason Davis Zombie Walk / CHFF Zombie Day!!

Jason Davis (Horror Author / CHFF Founder / Festivals of Fright) Presents

Saturday September 24th At The Chicago Horror Film Festival!!!

The 2011 CHFF Zombie Walk:

What_They_Say_453_webStart the festival day off early, ZOMBIE STYLE!  Meet up at the Southwest corner of Portage Park at 11am in your best zombie make up! …

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Prairie Smoke - Zombie Belly Dancers at 2011 CHFF!!

Once young women with their lives ahead of them (or so they thought), women with fresh faces, rosy cheeks, a spring in their step and blessed with the beauty of youth and hope, the members of Prairie Smoke have, through a tragic and melancholy course of events, been transformed. Into what, who can r…

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Ken Carrano at CHFF Art of Horror 2011!

Ken Carrano was born in Chicago in 1977.  He started drawing at a very young age and would frequent the galleries of Chicago as a child. His interest in art in terms of personal style, mediums and subject matter was pushed in many different directions throughout his teens and twenties which led to…

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Alan Rehbein / At CHFF 2011!!!

Alan Rehbein is an artist and sculptor specializing in fantasy, horror, and cheescake. His work has been shown at a number of galleries and can be seen at

After graduating from the Colorado Institute of Art Alan balanced traditional commercial art assignments with cost…

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2011 CHFF Official Film Selections

2011 Official Selections


Joseph Rade at CHFF Art of Horror 2011!

Attracted to horror, pin-up and the unknown, Joseph Rade strives to combine all these intrests into his hybrid art and develop with each and every piece. It is easy to see heavy influences from the likes of H.R. Giger, Zdzislaw Beksinski,

Hajime Sorayama and Takashi Miike in his works. He challe…

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Joseph C Mistretta of Four Finger Effects at CHFF 2011!

Four Finger Effects started out of a love for the independent studios and wanted to take the passion that the indy film makers had into the fx studio.

Four Finger Effects has worked on gba4ios films since 2002 including festival award winners such as Backwoods Bloodbath, Horrid, & Clear Lake, Wi. …

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Willy Adkins at 2011 Chicago Horror Film Fest!

Mr. Willy Adkins is the CEO of Spook Show Entertainment and a “jack of all trades” in the entertainment industry. He is well know for his paranormal investigation ventures. Willy founded The Illinois Ghost Hunters, The Paranormal Research Community & Afterlife Paranormal. His paranormal ventures…

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Ron Fitzgerald at CHFF 2011!!

Master Ron Fitzgerald is an Actor, Gothic Illusionist and Host for strange, dark fun! Fitzgerald has performed from Hollywood to Hong Kong with his wicked and weird style of Illusion in his live show "Fitzgerald's Realm of Magic", which includes Ron eating razor blades! He is the only illusioni…

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Michael Morlock's Supernatural World official 2011 Selection!

Boomstick Productions presents a very funny and timely "mockumentary" from writer/director John Wesley Norton,  staring the intrepid Michael Morlock, paranormal researcher, historian, filmmaker and self-avowed party boy. Follow Michael as he investigates supernatural events around the globe, fro…

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On A Dark And Stormy Night Official 2011 Selection!

Andrew (Aaron Massey) is afraid that his girlfriend Roxanne (Anna Ward) will report to the police a terrible crime Andrew committed Halloween night. Andrew's friend, Gray (Juan Riedinger) has one solution to keep her quiet--kill her. Gray brutally kills Roxanne, and while figuring out what to do wi…

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Compulsion Official 2011 Selection!

"Compulsion" is the story of Curtis (Christopher Stapleton), a gleefully sadistic serial killer who preys on young women, follows Leslie (Mimi Michaels) home one night and terrorizes her only to discover he may have bitten off more than he can chew. An unexpected game of cat and mouse ensues, culmi…

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