Chicago Horror Film Festival

2017 Festival Dates

SEPTEMBER 22-24 2017

Our 2017 Venue

6008 W Irving Park Road
Chicago, IL 60634

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2016 Festival Dates

SEPTEMBER 23-25 2016

Our 2016 Venue

6008 W Irving Park Road
Chicago, IL 60634

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Frame of Mind

Frame of Mine is a Horror/Suspense film about a naive man who develops an unconventional and unnerving relationship with a subject at work, his lack of empathy leads to severe unintended results.

Small Talk

A simple man, Brian Holdt, wakes up to a terrifying masked man approaching through a dimly lit basement. In an effort for survival, Brian sheepishly comments on the murders cologne. Brians luck changes when the murder reveals himself as Brian’s old college friend, Cameron Karl. Cameron has been running a deep web snuff show, where degenerates pay top dollar to view live webcam murder. Cameron decides to set Brian free, leading him out of a picture-esque suburban home into an unfamiliar neighborhood. With a parting gift of zucchini bread in his hands, Brian is left in astonishment of the crazy world he lives in.



A family of Estrie hunters, unite with a demon hunter to destroy a union of dark cults and their demonic companions.


Park At Your Own Risk

CJT is a man on a mission: 1) Drive to girl, 2) Give flowers, 3) Receive sex. Only one thing stands in his way… a safe place to park. Foolishly pulling into an spooky abandoned lot protected by sinister forces, he must observe the warning signs to escape with his life.


Candie's Harem

Faux Pas Films presents a throwback to whodunit films with an added sex appeal to spice it up. Candie is a woman who knows what she wants in the romance department. She just doesn't want it from one person. Everything is going great until her lovers start dying off around her and she is forced to try and discover who the killer is before it's too late. Candie confides in her friend Paul who is having problems himself being in an abusive relationship his boyfriend, Kevin. Together they will experience terror as they watch their worlds unravel. 


Evil Lives

A night of fun turns to a night of terror, when an uninvited guest emerges from the shadows.


Stiched Up

An introverted engineer who just wants a quiet life is nagged every day by his wife. But when he’s tipped over the edge, he enjoys nothing more than utilizing his tools to shut her up with a needle and some thread.

Rabbit's Foot

An innocent Marsha arrives home late one night, only to be stalked by a psychopath.


Four friends go camping in the woods. Who will make it out alive? Are they all who they seem? This short is packed with Satanists and an amazing original music score.


The Stylist

Claire is a lonely hairstylist with an unnerving desire to escape her disappointing reality. When her final client of the evening arrives with the request to look perfect, Claire has plans of her own.


Writer's Block

A frustrated screenwriter has a difficult time finishing his latest project. His stress begins to push his sanity to the edge, and soon the line between fiction and reality begins to blur.


Take a journey inside the mind of a lonely and desperate serial killer as he follows his impulses and stalks an unlucky babysitter. His disturbed mind dreams of completing the masterpiece he has locked up in his basement . . . and she has the last piece of the puzzle he needs.

Burlap is a brutal, stylish tale of sickness and survival, told with the stark simplicity of an old campfire tale. With gritty sets, atmospheric cinematography, and a foreboding, minimalist soundtrack, you’ll feel like you’ve been kidnapped yourself when you experience this terrifying short film.



What ingredients are in those hydration masks? Will Howie find out what is making his wife so manic? Will he find out before it’s too late?

Cheap Plastic Mask

Two disenchanted strangers meet in the bathroom of a Halloween party. What starts as an unassuming conversation devolves into a desperate struggle for survival. Cheap Plastic Mask is a short, single-setting horror film that infuses the genre with a refreshing dose of reality. Grounded in fully-dimensional, relatable characters responding to increasingly dark circumstances, Cheap Plastic Mask explores the horrors that lurk just outside our everyday awareness, with shocking results.


Let's Play dead Girl

Inspired by a true event, Let’s Play Dead Girl is a cautionary tale about two best friends, Josephine and Juda, who create a website revolving around Alto, a mystical being living in their imagination. Soon, their obsession with Alto runs wild as they hatch a plan to murder their friend, Consuelo, so they can make Alto come to life.

In The Dark

A couple’s marriage falls apart as their son insists that a man is living inside his closet.

The Perfect Letter

A mysterious letter leads a writer on a frightening quest for answers and sanity in this experimental horror project.


When attending a lurid piece of macabre theatre, a young man is drawn in by the tempting sights. However, his interest may be his downfall as he discovers the line between fantasy and reality is thinner than it appears.


In a big house lost in the middle of nowhere, Jason made the discovery of a old cookbook hidden in his attic.
Later, when he decided to prepare a delicious meal for his wife Marie , things do not go as planned … A ghost has taken possession of the house.

Girl #2

When a deranged killer sets his sights on an unsuspecting sorority, he realizes he’s not the craziest one in the house.

B is for Bath

A Man meets a Woman for what appears to be a date, but this meeting turns out to be something far more sinister.



In this B-movie horror-comedy, a piñata, fed up with the treatment of his kind, decides to inflict sweet, sweet revenge on humanity.


After hiding from the world for 30 years in a Monastery, an old dying Monk who believes that he is possessed wants to tell his story before he dies of how he came to be a Monk and the events that led him there. A hardcore skeptic reporter from the Times comes to do an interview with the Monk, his beliefs will be challenged and put to the test, is the Monk truly Possessed or just mentally ill?

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not revolves around recently widowed Eliza (Sophie Brooke) and her personal journey to self-destruction. Buried in guilt, she must fight her own demons while being haunted by a ghost of her past.

The Message

A woman involved in a hit and run while texting, receives a text message from the dead victim of that accident. 


When Tug Nestor discovers that his son, Cecil, has shrunk his favorite Halloween costume, Tug seeks vengeance and the night becomes a life or death struggle for Cecil... and the camera is rolling...


A modern, German expressionist micro-thriller wherein a girl is shadowed by an unknown pursuer. No color, no dialogue. No escape.

What Goes Up

When a man wakes up in a mysterious place, he is forced to face his demons.

Snatched Away

Don't take what doesn't belong to you.

Snatched Away is a supernatural story about a woman named Belle being haunted in her poverty-stricken apartment. Come to find out that Belle is not what she seems.


Silently Within Your Shadow

As their relationship grows, Lucette's obsession for ventriloquism and her dummy Hugo starts to strain her relationship with Jace. To Luctette Hugo is more than just a dummy, he’s her best friend and represents her ambition as an artist, to her, he’s very much real.

But to Jace Hugo is just a puppet, or is he?

Starring Horror Legend Bill Moseley as the voice of Hugo, Silently Within Your Shadow is the latest short film from writer/director Scott Lyus.


A man's descent into grief sets him on a dangerous journey into the unknown where he meets a mysterious woman that may have driven him to madness.


Kerry is working on her latest house restoration when she begins hearing strange sounds from an unfinished space in the basement. As the sounds escalate to visions of a savagely beaten doppelgänger, Kerry finds her mind and life unraveling.

Love and Zombies

Kerry is working on her latest house restoration when she begins hearing strange sounds from an unfinished space in the basement. As the sounds escalate to visions of a savagely beaten doppelgänger, Kerry finds her mind and life unraveling.


A woman attempts to escape some kind of prison.


A short film by Carlos A. Hiciano


A man, woman, and child meet up weekly to do their laundry and find themselves making a connection in a life that is fleeting and so brief.


After being buried alive as a heretic in the 17th century, Carmilla awakens from her grave in northern Iowa and begins her conquest of a small town.

Soccer Moms In Peril

After a night out drinking, a soccer mom wakes up bound to a chair in the basement of a masked killer. But as luck would have it, there's someone else in the basement that she wants to see even less.

Hit & Run

After a car accident disrupts their plans, two low level drug dealers scramble to dispose of the evidence only to discover their unwitting victim may be far more dangerous than they first imagined.

Tales of Poe

Based on the classic works of Edgar Allan Poe - a unique spin on three of Poe's popular stories (The Tell Tale Heart, Cask of Amontillado & Dreams). Directors Bart Mastronardi & Alan Rowe Kelly weave together a compelling and suspenseful anthology that will captivate Poe enthusiasts and horror fans alike!

The Tease

A woman tries to escape the escalating violence of a misogynist psychopath.

Las Fieras 1969

Alcira is a bookworm and student of human nature through art and poetry, though rarely participating. When a curse strikes and werewolf like creatures invade the city Alcira locks herself into the University bathroom. Weeks of pure loneliness teach her the strength of human connection and in the end it is her love for others that will save her.

A Walk in the Woods

Bruce Caldwell takes young protege Becca Granger Into the woods for 'Survival 101'. The topic of today's lesson has gone missing, Bruce and Becca must find the subject before it finds them..

Dead Date Night

Becca Granger and Lynn Poore are getting ready for their school dance. Becca prepared to wait on her oblivious friend but did not prepare for an untimely visit from the undead...


A pain addict tells us his life changing story. Or does he?

Cuckold Picasso

​Picasso's 1971 Harlequin Head, believed forever lost in a Romanian Fire, is found vividly alive in the disturbed psyche of a tortured man. 

Although grizzly, the action and title are just strong metaphors about our need to deal with internal fears, and internal terror. It is necessary to open a third eye; necessary to dare to look straight on at the things we need to face. In doing so, we free ourselves to embrace and learn from the things we are prone to unnecessarily fear the most. 

The Bathroom

A man who is living with guilt has to wipe his shit off himself to get out of the bathroom stall where he shut himself away in.


A panic caused by a terrible plague is tearing the world apart. A horror that is spread through blood, anyone unfortunate enough to be one of the infected is forced to watch as their very flesh rots from their bones. That is till they are consumed by madness.

Consuming Beauty

Once upon a time a beast was transformed at the sight of beauty. His cravings to possess her remain unfulfilled until she returns to settle the debts of her father. But beauty is a fragile thing with a heart eager to love and no knowledge to protect it. She tumbles into a world of desires, madness and ruin unaware that she is the payment for her father's past.

Beyond Ferox

Once there was a little girl who had a very bad dream.

Home Sweet Home

A killer is on the loose in a small town, hunting unsuspecting families in the night. Who will be next?

Be Still My Heart

A Woman suffers from a near death experience and falls in love with the Grim Reaper. Her warped sense of love transforms her into a serial killer, as she dispatches body after body to get glimpses of her one true love. 
Death appears with each new kill and her love grows to staggering proportions. She will spill blood to see him and stop at nothing to be with him. Be Still My Heart mixes the macabre with the comedic; the terror with the romance. What would you do if true love came with a toe tag? 

I Recorded A Murder

A filmmaker (Robert Cruz) who is trying to finish his short film which instead he records a murder by accident that everyone and the media believes was a suicide. He and the witness (Adrianna Carradero) of the crime will thrive to seek the truth but the murderer is on their plan and is one step ahead of them.


It's the middle of the night and things should be quiet. They're not.​

Stone Road

A desperate man decides to end his own life on a lonely country road. But when his attempt fails, he finds himself pursued a mysterious creature and the people who hunt it.


A father's sleep disorder and his daughter's fear of the dark may be the answer to the question: are there really monsters under the bed? As the Pierson family moves into their new home, Derrick hopes his daughter’s fear of the “monster under the bed” ceases. While dealing with his own sleep issues, sleepless nights get worse for the family as Derrick takes drastic measures to get through the night, which quickly take a turn for the worst.


In a dystopian future, Chromocorp takes over and genetically modify humans to no longer recreate. Two men rise up to change their fates, and in doing so, might change the course of the future.​

The Last Junkie On Earth

During the zombie apocalypse a heroin addict runs out of drugs and must choose between waiting safely in a motel room until the rescue team arrives or risking her life searching for drugs outside.

Those Among Us

Two men living in isolation kidnap, torture and kill seemingly innocent victims for their own sadistic pleasure. But all is not what it appears to be in this gritty short horror film.

Dinner Date

Two middle-aged singles on their first date bond over a shared interest at an exclusive restaurant.


Former baseball player Blue Jean Douglas is closing down her small town strip club and leaving for good. The last night of official business has finally arrived and with that, an evening to remember. Having handed over ownership of the bar to a shrewd, old tycoon known as Chromagnum, Blue Jean is eager to move on to the next chapter of her life. But her plans are not so easily attained when a group of coal miners show up and with them a deadly contaminant. What starts out as a last hurrah for the infamous strip club, turns into a blood bath as infected bar patrons become increasingly violent. With time running out, Blue Jean steps up to the plate to try and put a stop to the spread of destruction before it’s too late and she loses everything she holds dear.

And The Devil Makes Three

Tasked with packing up the belongings of a deceased grandmother, two friends venture to a house nestled deep in the woods. Isolated from the outside world, strange noises, lights in the forest, and mysterious locals plague the pair as they begin to wonder if something else may be lurking in the woods at night.

Do Not Disturb

Two detectives, a husband and wife, a hooker, and a kidnapping are thrown into this LA crime blender. This modern Hitchcockian thriller with Fincher tones, is a tale of lies and confusion.

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