Chicago Horror Film Festival

2016 Festival Dates

SEPTEMBER 23-25 2016

Our 2016 Venue

6008 W Irving Park Road
Chicago, IL 60634

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Wolf Dreams by Tyler Pack

In order to protect his ailing mother from his estranged and land-hungry father, a troubled young artist will form a bond with a mysterious creature in rural Wyoming that will change his life in ways he never thought possible.

KIDICIDE by Kelly Jean Karam

A controlling but caring single mom brings a suspicious new husband and his creepy son into her home, and in doing so, destroys the one person she loves more than anyone - her daughter. 

The Cave of Screaming Children by R. Wayne Gray

After the disappearance of a child, a couple explores an abandoned mine that the locals call The Cave of Screaming Children.

Dakota Caves - 2 Miles by Robert J. Rogers

Elmwood, a sleepy town in rural Nebraska, is the epicenter of an alien invasion. A space ship drops millions of six foot, egg-shaped objects into the atmosphere that float down and hover on the ground. And while the planet attempts to understand what the object is, inside is a growing, vicious, creature that eventually matures, cuts it's way out of the thick, epidermal layer, and attacks humanity with blood-thirsty intentions.

Walter's Days by Nathan Ludwig and Charles Devin Hill

A young man wakes in a field every morning only to repeat the same day over and over again as he's brutally murdered in increasingly elaborate and ridiculous ways.

The Chicago Screenplay Contest Award Winner will be announced during the awards ceremony at the Chicago Horror Film Festival event.  CLICK HERE for the festival schedule!

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2016 Host

Shannon Brown