This week, The Chicago Horror Film Festivals “Filmmaker Spotlight” is director Joshua Brucker and his film MOTH-MAN. Joshua Brucker was born near Chicago, Illinois in 1989. As a horror director, he is a founding member of Horror Dadz Productions. He is also the author of a short story collection titled When Darkness Comes. His debut feature Moth-Man, is one of the submissions to the 2023 Chicago Horror Film Festival and can also be seen on Tubi.


Director – Joshua Brucker…

1. How do you approach editing and post-production for your horror films?
JOSHUA: “For Mothman, I worked with my editor Sam Nork fairly closely, making sure the story flowed properly. It’s definitely a process, though, that starts in pre-production because you have to imagine the entire project through to the end.”
2. Do you have any favorite horror films or filmmakers that have influenced your work?
JOSHUA: “My favorite horror film, hands down, is John Carpenter’s The Thing. It does everything correctly and the tension, the cold, the stakes that are at play, those are the things I want to bring to the screen as a filmmaker.”
3. What is your process for casting actors? Do you typically work with the same people on multiple projects?
JOSHUA: “I use casting sites to find talent because I do enjoy working with new people when I can. It helps grow my own network and I’ll never pass up a chance to learn new things from new individuals.”

4. What do you think makes a truly great horror film, and how do you strive to achieve that in your own work?

JOSHUA: “As a filmmaker, it is my goal is to entertain. The story, the acting, the pace, how it just holds onto you and never let’s go. And when everything is said and done and the movie is over, there’s still something eating at you, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand. Those are the kinds of films I wish to make as a director.”

5. How do you engage with and respond to your fans and followers on social media?

JOSHUA: “I mostly work through Facebook and I often to engage with my fans and followers because I also want to inspire them, if they wish, to create art too. I know when I was new to all this, I became friends with a few other found footage creators and they were super inspirational. So, I want to give back to a community that supported me.”…



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